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We believe a diverse tapestry of perspectives and viewpoints facilitates innovation, and innovation is key to our client's success.

More than half of our executive search assignments have been completed with a female or person of color. Great things happen by bringing together individuals who share a common purpose but who have diverse outlooks and approaches. The Loring Group provides its clients with diverse leadership, helping them get more out of their talent and deliver better performance.  
Our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion makes us better advisors to our clients and members of our global communities. At TLG, we are dedicated to providing high-performing agile leaders for our clients. We help clients consider what types of diverse talent would add to their culture. We help them map diverse talent, identify diverse candidates utilizing innovative research methodologies, and deliver diverse candidate slates.

We value people and the unique perspectives and experiences they bring to the world. We strive to create an open, inclusive, and committed culture where our staff can fully enjoy their work and trust their colleagues and partners. In a marketplace that connects across cultures and continents, a diverse workforce is essential.


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