Considerations for One-on-One Executive Coaching

Do you know how to define and articulate your value proposition in a way that compels prospective employers in your industry to reach out to you?


Do you have a plan in place that will generate 5 to 10 additional interviews with companies in your space to help you make a great long term career decision?


When you receive an offer, would you like to negotiate it safely and upgrade things like the title, cash compensation, and equity?

One-on-One Executive Coaching

We have guided hundreds of executives from most industries – Technology, Consumer Products, Banking, Industrial, Biotech, Health Care, Financial Services, Professional Services, Non-Profit; in most functions – Sales, Finance, Information Technology, Marketing, Engineering, Product, Human Resources, Legal; at most levels – BOD, CEO, C-Level, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, and Individual Contributors in highly competitive situations to get the job. We can help you too!

We Provide Three Tiers of Services

Get Ready, Go-to-Market, and Advancement

Step I

Get Ready

These services will position you to pursue opportunities by ensuring your value proposition is clearly defined in your LinkedIn profile.  This will allow you to be found by talent acquisition professionals when looking for someone with your background, and then move forward to an interview when they screen you using your LinkedIn profile.  We also help you modify or create a Resume and a Board Bio (if applicable) to be used in the interview process and or solicit potential board roles with executive committees, Venture Capital, and Private Equity firms.


Our senior partners will work with you to create a Personal Brand to generate the highest degree of interest and compensation value from potential employers.


We will show you how to infuse your value proposition into your LinkedIn profile in SEO fashion enabling talent acquisition professionals and potential employers to find you.


We will help you create a balanced resume complementing LinkedIn that communicates your background in multimedia fashion to enhance you moving forward in the process.



There is an increasing demand for diverse and functional Directors. We will show you how to create a BOD biography that can help open doors for these roles.

Step II

Go to Market

Our Managed and Automated Go-To-Market plans will connect you with dozens, perhaps hundreds of hiring managers in your space with companies, VC’s and Private Equity firms that you do not know today. We will help you connect with them and get in front of potential job opportunities before they go out to search. This can keep you from becoming one of the hundreds of candidates vying for a job and making you just one of the few who get to interview for it.

Managed & Automated Marketing Plans - 60, 90, or 120 Days

  • You will have a TLG Project Manager to lead you in this effort

  • We activate the Sales Automation Platform (SAP) that interfaces with Sales Navigator and a Slack channel for regular communication

  • We execute targeted searches with Sales Navigator and Crunchbase and load them into the SAP along with your 15 to 30-day | 4 to 7-message scripts

  • We provide weekly training on the SAP to help you manage your new connections and messaging activity

  • You have two weekly calls with us the first 30 days, then weekly to help you execute on the above

Additional tools needed – the SAP and Slack are included, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an additional cost to you.

Step III


Talent Acquisition and Executive Search Consultants do not care if you get the job; they just care that it gets filled.  Our advancement services provide you with a dedicated executive search consultant to guide you through each step of the interviews you are engaged in. We will treat you as if you were our one and only candidate for the search and use our 30 years of experience to help you move forward in the process and advance to an offer.



Our Partners have successfully coached hundreds of candidates through the interview process and will ensure you always know where you stand and move towards closure.



We will help you with the strategy, language, and timing to make sure the requests you make and how they are presented maximize your potential to get the job and with the best possible financial results.



We will make sure you do not just get a job but consider and measure the alternatives to make the best possible long term career decision for you and your family.

Professional Fees

Get Ready

Value Proposition, LinkedIn Profile, and Resume $495

With Board Biography for $595

Go to Market

60-Day Automated & Managed Marketing Plan $1,995

90-Day Automated & Managed Marketing Plan $2,395

120-Day Automated & Managed Marketing Plan $2,795


Interview Strategy, Preparation & Follow Up, Offer Negotiation and Choosing Between Multiple Offers

2 months $695 | 4 months $995 | 6 months $1,195

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