We provide the talent and critical analysis, that enables
companies to make the best hiring decisions,
quickly, to lead their most essential teams.

Retained Executive Search

This is the primary offering by The Loring Group. We source, screen, and deliver exceptional senior leadership candidates.

Each search is conducted in its entirety by a Partner, and supported by our dedicated, in-house, research and operations team.


Is it crucial to hire the most qualified person available today?

TLG screens hundreds, sometimes thousands, of candidates for each search, versus dozens you may see if you try and do-it-yourself. 

Would your business benefit from roles being filled quickly?

We complete retained executive searches in 60 to 90 days or less, which will generate maximum impact for your company now.

Do you have the time and resources to do search yourselves?

You want your executive team focused on running the business, not getting bogged down with looking for potential candidates.

Project-Based Recruiting

We bundle non-executive roles together to give you the quality of service and speed that we do with our Retained assignments.

Like retained search, you have a dedicated team HUNTING for hard-to-fill, critical non-executive positions, on your behalf.


Do you have critical non-executive positions that need to be filled?

Contingent recruiters, and internal resources, may not be able to fill these openings with the quality of people desired when needed.

Are the roles competitive and good candidates challenging to find?

Ideally, you would have a team of dedicated search professionals HUNTING for these difficult to fill roles on your behalf.

Do you have other vital openings that need to be filled?

Using an executive search partner, to augment Talent Acquisition for a brief time, to make sure critical roles are filled benefits everyone.