We deliver exceptional talent, and do so faster than others!

Considerations for Outside Search

Are you happy with the quality of candidates you see and the speed that openings are being filled?

If you are using outside search, would you like to pay less for the same or better service?



Our search consultants were leaders in business before becoming recruiters. We have deep domain expertise in your industry, enabling us to understand your search criteria better and match candidates to them.


Our Partners, not junior associates, do the work. They lead our in-house Research team, like larger firms have, sourcing hundreds of candidates for each assignment. We use hard work and innovative techniques to close searches in 60 to 90 days.

Attention to Detail

Candidates go through a rigorous 3-step screening process starting with our Partners' interview, a custom executive assessment matching them to your search criteria, followed by a face to face interview to make sure they are the right for you.


We recently hired Steve & Rich to help us with our CFO search. Rich was the key person on a recruitment team, and helped drive the search from commencement to hiring, exceptionally. He was a terrific partner in ensuring an initial suitable candidate line up, to actual interview rounds. Rich provided constant feedback, and carefully managed all touch-points. His ability to liaise between candidates and our needs was intuitive, honest, proactive and frankly refreshing.

Jo Svendblad
SVP Human Resources, Uphold Inc.